Big Docks

We manufacture the docks that our tiki bars ride on! Check us out: www.Big-Docks.com

Ships with Trailer!

We ship every Big Hut with a trailer. This allows for cheaper shipping and the ability to take your Big Hut out of the water during off seasons.

Remote Controls

So you can be the bartender and the captain!

Realistic Bamboo​

The airbrushed paint paired with the 3 demnsional 6061 aluminum bamboo makes Big Huts stand out!

Durable Construction

Big Huts are mainly made out of Aluminum,Plastic Big Docks and IPE wood making them strong and maintenance free! 

Adjustable Roof


Big Huts have the option to add hidden electric actuators to raise and lower the tiki roof. This allows you to close up at night and for easier transporting on the trailer.