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Realistic Bamboo​

The airbrushed paint paired with the 3 dimensional 6061 aluminum bamboo makes Big Huts  stand out! Topped with synthetic thatching, this roof will last forever!

Durable Construction

Big Huts are made using only sea worthy materials like Stainless steel, Aluminum, Plastic Big Docks  and teak wood making them strong, resilient to weather and maintenance free! 

Powered Roof


Big Huts have hidden electric actuators to raise and lower the tiki roof. This allows you to close up at night and for easier transporting on the trailer.

Twin engines

Twin 40hp mercury engines come standard allowing for unmatched control and maneuverability

360° Sound System

Optional built in sound system powered by a hidden bluetooth amp. This sound system is amazing and adds that much needed music to your party! 

Remote Controls

An aluminum center steer helm front and center!

Under-Bar Lighting

Waterproof LED under bar lighting comes standard adding to the ambiance and gives the perfect lighting. Powered on by a toggle switch on the center console and RGB color changeable with a remote on the mounted to the side.

Ultimate Stability

Load your boat up with as many people as you can fit and Big Huts can handle it. Its raft like construction makes it super stable even on a rough day. 

Ships with Trailer

After completion, Big Huts are partially disassembled for shipping. Two feet is taken off each side and roof is lowered. Once delivered we will reassemble it. Keeping the trailer is optional!

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